Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seed catalogs

Despite the fact that the ground is still frozen, buried underneath a layer of not-so-freshly fallen snow, garden planning is well under way. And for me, the toughest part of garden planning is choosing the seeds. The number of choices can be overwhelming!

Off and on over the last few weeks, I have been coming home to a seed catalog stuffed into my mailbox. Each had something to offer but after poring through each of them, I found my two favorites.

The Cook's Garden - Seeds and Plants for Gourmet Gardeners

The Cook's Garden, interesting varieties

The Cook's Garden, New for 2014

This is a beautiful catalog. The pictures are vibrant and they have quite a bit to offer. From more traditional varieties to some very exotic looking varieties, there's something for everyone in this catalog. The catalog begins with a "New for 2014" section, highlighting new varieties that the adventurous grower may want to try. Their biggest perk? The mix-and-match plants. Most other seed/plant companies force you to buy 3 or more of the same plant. Not so with The Cook's Garden. The choice is yours!

The Cook's Garden, Mix & Match
The Cook's Garden, Mix & Match Plants

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Johnny's Selected Seeds - An employee-owned company

Johnny's Selected Seeds,
Growing Information

Johnny's Selected Seeds,
Comparison Charts

I'm not sure whether to call this a catalog or an encyclopedia. This catalog is filled to the brim with information including comparison charts for varieties, germination guides, typical growth dimensions, tech tips and more than just the standard growing information. This catalog has more than just information to offer, as well. There are a lot of varieties to choose from. The choice is easy to make with the comparison charts, the keys showing which varieties are easy to grow, heirloom, container friendly, and tolerant to different weather situations.

Johnny's Selected Seeds, Comparison Chart, closer view

Johnny's Select Seeds, Growing Chart Size Comparison

I will be keeping this catalog once all of my seeds are ordered. It has a wealth of information that will prove useful as a quick reference. Big kudos to Johnny's Selected Seeds for all of the forethought that went into this catalog!

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