Sunday, March 9, 2014

Planting Peas & A Little Ingenuity

The weather the last two days has been such a blessing. We had 60° weather yesterday and I took advantage of it by picking up the soil, compost and manure for my new bed. It was quite a bit of hauling and I'm lucky that my dearest husband was a willing help. I plan to put the bed in place on Tuesday, since they're calling for more 60° weather.

Shade Garden Bed

I felt so refreshed this morning. I woke to the sound of birds trilling, right outside my window. My body ached, but in a good way. The type of ache you get from doing good, wholesome work. The type that means you'll get a good night's sleep. We spent most of the day outdoors and it was just what the doctor ordered.

I got to work early. I knew I wanted to get the peas in the ground and if I waited any longer, there wouldn't be any peas this year. But I didn't have a working trellis yet... peas are shallow-rooted, so I wanted to have my trellis in place before planting. I didn't want to risk damaging their root systems by installing a trellis later. So I got to looking around to see what, if anything, I could use to make a trellis. I knew I wanted an "A-frame" trellis.

I stumbled across my old trellis that I bought pre-made a few years ago at Lowe's. I'm not exactly sure what it's designed for but it's been worthless for anything I've grown that needed trellising. It's been sitting around since, being utterly useless. And that's when inspiration struck. I could use it to build a trellis that would work.

To do that, I had to remove 13 staples. I used a flat-head screwdriver to loosen them and pulled them out with my needle nose pliers. (Speaking of which, I carry them around with all my other garden tools. They're very handy for cutting twine, reshaping fencing, etc.)

I positioned them in the bed, tapped them in with a hammer and tied the stakes together at the top on each side, for stability. Then I interwove twine together, creating a lattice with the twine. It's not perfect, the twine's not completely even across but it will work. I didn't have to buy it and I found a use for something that was taking up space.

Long story short, the peas are in. I kept putting it off because of the bad weather but they are finally in. I'll update once I have the raised bed installed.

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  1. What a productive day!

    I need to get my peas planted, too. The ones I planted earlier did not come up. Yesterday I got most of my broccoli plants into the garden. I had more planned, but forgot how badly the Bermuda grass had taken over in the raised bed last summer, and spent more time than I really wanted to, digging out grass roots. Ish. Sore back, stiff knee, sore shoulder. Getting old ain't for weenies.